Selling Apps? What Happens When You Switch To The Reseller Program?

App Building, Reseller Jerry Lieveld 24 Apr 2014

If you are selling apps to clients, you might consider switching to the Reseller Program. This will give you numerous benefits, dedicated support, the use of white label app tools and several upselling chances. This article describes how the Reseller Program works.

The Reseller Program is specially created for marketers, designers, web agencies  and app developers who want to make apps and sell them to clients. There are two options to become a reseller; either a 3 app bundle for $ 99 or a 30 app bundle for $ 300. What do you get for your bucks? Quite a lot.

The Reseller Program has the following benefits:

Access to The Non-branded White Label Tools

So you join the Reseller Program and start building your apps with AppMachine´s app platform. The biggest change when becoming reseller is that AppMachine remains invisible for your clients and all app users. As a reseller you have instant access to our non-branded white label app tools:

A. Non-branded Apps

Apps built by resellers do not have any references to AppMachine. Not in the app itself, not in the source code, not in the app stores.

B. White Label CMS

AppMachine works with a clear and handy fool proof CMS. Customers can easily add their own content, just as they update their website by using a CMS like WordPress or Contribute. The CMS can be used for adding and updating content,  for sending push notifications to users and to see the app´s analytics. Clients will not be able to make their own apps.

All AppMachine clients use the CMS, but only reseller clients use the White Label Client version. This has no reference to AppMachine. You upload your logo, change the color scheme and even decide which URL you use for your Client CMS.

C. White Label App Previewer to See Apps Live in Action

Show the app you’re building live on smartphones of your choice with the app previewer. In the Reseller Program this previewer does not have a reference to AppMachine, so your clients can see their app in action with a password you provide. The previewer can be downloaded from your own website.

The previewer also enables you to make an app without sketching, wire framing or even having to spend money. Neither is it necessary to bill clients beforehand because making the app itself is free. All changes in the app are updated immediately. Clients can always approve the app´s progression.

Support and Upselling

If your client has questions, you support your client and we support you. We even provide all our resellers with a dedicated account manager who speaks English, Spanish, Portuguese, German or Dutch.

We also organize webinars and seminars to help you make better professional apps and introduce you to improvements and new features we’re implementing. You also get insight in our roadmap and are granted access to early beta functions. When new functionality arrives, you can offer this to clients and set your own pricing. So we´re making upselling just as easy for you.

We could even connect you to other Resellers for an app design, which you can present as your own. The price of design is not included in the reseller fee. Read all about buying a Pro design.

Sell Apps and Set Up Your Own Pricing Model

Once the app is ready and has gotten its final client approval, it´s time to pay and publish in the app stores. You are free to set your own pricing model towards your clients. We don’t interfere in how much you charge for an app. This can make your app building business more profitable because you can make professional native apps in hours. You can even get leads from AppMachine in a certain area or you can be shown on our site as a certified partner. This will generate more business for you.

Before you publish the app, you pay AppMachine. This can all be done in the publishing wizard at our website. The bundles include Plus and Pro apps, there is no additional cost for Pro apps. Check our pricing page for details of our non Reseller app prices.

Publishing, Updating, Push Notifications and User Stats

AppMachine publishes all apps for you to the app stores, again without any reference to AppMachine. You take care of your developer’s licenses at Apple and Google and authorize us to submit the app on your account. You don’t have to login to several platforms and do all the hard work to publish the app. This saves you time and money and your client’s app will be in the stores as soon as possible.

The app is live and can be used. Your client can use the White Label Client CMS to update content in the app. Clients can send push messages to specific or all app users. There’s also an in depth analytics section to analyze the app’s user statistics. If there are any questions, you always have your dedicated account manager to support you.

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