Let a pro design your app

App Building, App Design Jerry Lieveld 30 May 2013

AppMachine allows you to build your own app, but creating a design … there are so many possibilities. Are you unable to figure things out by yourself? Or would you like your app to have a magical appearance, but you don’t have the time? Well then, why not let a pro design your app? AppMachine can recommend one of our experienced resellers to design your app.

Although AppMachine makes app developments very easy, many users nevertheless ask us if we can help them out a bit. Needless to say, we can. Our resellers will gladly help you create the coolest looking app. All you need to do is provide them with the content of your app and any material you want to use for its design: logos, photographs and examples of the look you want. An experienced app designer in your area will completely adapt your app’s design to the house style you envisage.

Having your app designed by a professional

Give your app a pro design

  •  1 design, 1 correction round for $600 No cure no pay
    You will receive a design based on your specifications — a design that matches both your house style and online marketing strategy. We will provide you with a preview of your app. If you like what you see then the designer will implement the design. If you don’t, no problem. You only pay if the design completely matches your wishes. No cure, no pay.

Would you like a pro to design your app?

You can already start building your app. First, add the required content using building blocks. Then contact us, and we will link you to an experienced app designer in your area. You can provide him or her with your website address and any house style elements that you want us to use. Do you have examples of menu views or other material you like? Just mail them. Your dedicated designer will process the material into a cool looking app. Plus, you can modify our design whenever you like.

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