Wellness apps

Wellness apps

Wellness apps ensure better and more frequent contact with guests. Welcome clients more often and increase the revenue per visitor with special wellness apps.

As a wellness center, would you like to see your guests coming back more often? Raise the revenue per visitor? Use an app and ensure more frequent and more intense contact with guests. With an app for your wellness center you reach your guests on their smartphones. And they use these dozens of times a day. So you have their direct attention.

Functionality in your wellness app

  • Produce special offers;
  • Increase visits on quiet days;
  • Notify opening hours;
  • Integrate social media like Facebook and Twitter;
  • Give guests a unique customer card.

Customer card

Notify your guests and entice them to make more frequent visits. You can do that with your own app. You can also integrate your own customer card. As an owner you are always aware, for example, of the accumulated balance per customer. Separate pass cards are no longer needed.

Example apps

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